Sunday, December 16, 2012

FInal photo project Hockey Game

I slowed down the shutter speed. I wanted to see what would happen. I really like the way this came out.

Waiting for the buzzer

Rule of thirds again?

Rule of thirds and leading lines

Portrait of my boyfriend playing hockey this past weekend. I used rule of thirds and leading lines again... but I think it made a great portrait. I also focused on just him and blurred out the background to add interest.

My daughter at the game. She found a puck and was allowed to keep it. I like her expression here. Again I used rule of thirds and blurred out the background.

I enjoyed this course. It was just what I needed to pull through this difficult time. It was hard to keep up with the writing piece as my time was spent in a places that had no internet access for a few weeks. I learned that I have been using techniques all this time and never knew it. I think I use the rule of thirds a lot, I would like to try to steer away from that for a bit and try something new.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Our new puppy and my son.

Self portrait with my boyfriend in the background.

My boyfriend again

My daughter ( I used a white sheet behind her)

I took pictures for a friend of mine for Christmas. I love this idea!!

My mothers cat

Taken with my Mac's web cam of myself. I edited in photoshop for fun.

A friend of mine and her dog. Used a white sheet again.

Another photo shoot I did for a friend. She just had a baby. White sheet again... and photoshop

The whole family in a boiling hot tiny kitchen in front of a white sheet!!
Portraits is fun for me. I had a lot of nice friends that volunteered to help me out. I was actually able to get out a little bit this time! I am glad we had extra time for this project. I had a lot of fun. Portraits shouldn't have any rules in my opinion. As long as you focus on the subject and add a little interest you can't go wrong. I used my wide angle for a couple to distort things for fun. Eye contact isn't always as important as the way you frame your subject (for example my self portrait and the one of my son and the new puppy.) I also like the spontaneous shot of the baby's uncle kissing her little head! That was not planned, but it was perfect!!

Sunday, December 2, 2012


I used depth of field for this one. Focusing on the main nutcracker

I used symmetry for this one. Focusing on the center snowman. I put them on a white table and stood a white gift box behind them.

An attempt at using lines and/or patterns to add interest.

Symmetry again.

Depth of field and symmetry

Filled the frame with this one and this might also be Rule of thirds.

Depth of feild

I liked the pattern on the pillow in the corner
I struggled with this assignment. I was confined to my mothers house for a while. I had to take photos of things in her home. I was taking care of her for a week after she had been in the hospital for two weeks. I also had to use my stand by subjects at home, animals... I think I was doing a lot of my old standby of rule of thirds in the photos. I need to work on composition a little more. I know that good composition can be almost anything.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Rule of Thirds

I needed to get out for a drive yesterday to clear my head. So I decided to go out and take pictures for my assignment. It was cold and snowing up on the hill near my house, so I chose to take pictures in black and white.
Another lonely tree.
Not sure if this qualifies as the rule of thirds... This is my rear view mirror
This was at an old cemetery. The picture below was also taken at the same cemetery a few feet away.
There was no snow around this grave!
Just outside of the cemetery... no snow here either.
I liked the rolling clouds behind the small tree.
A leaf that fell off the Japanese Maple on a slate sidewalk.
My boyfriends glasses taken on top of a dictionary.
Another cemetery shot... I used selective color on this one because I liked the red gate.

Rule of thirds:
I have been doing this for a long time and never knew there was an actual name for it! I like my subjects slightly off center. I like the way it looks. My camera has a grid option to help with composing the photo. I can also edit the photos in photoshop with a grid to help me achieve the effect I want. From what I understand, the left side is the strongest position because of the way we read text from left to right. I like to change it up. Sometimes right sometimes left. The Rule of Thirds brings interest to photographs. I think I might be using a lot of empty space where the subject should be now that I look at the photos again. Back to the drawing board!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Using the Flash

Bounced my Canon 430 EX Speed light  off of the ceiling. I like to use this in small rooms. It lights up the whole room and softens the light.

Taken with my on camera flash of my Canon 50D. It washed me out because I was so close to the camera.

Bounced flash in a larger room with dark walls.

I used the 430 EX flash directly on my subject to show the game, but also light up his face.

Canon 270 EX flash used with my 50D for fill light. The background was so bright, I needed help lighting up my subject. I bought this flash because I could bounce it off of the ceiling. Turns out it is no better than the flash on the camera.

This little fella has been hanging around my front porch for the past few weeks. I took a picture of him using the 430 EX speed light. Direct flash because there was nothing to bounce it off of. I posted a picture of him on Facebook to see if anyone had lost him.

My on camera flash. I used a piece of paper to diffuse it. I still had to edit my dogs eyes... he still had red eye from the light. 

Bounced the flash off of my hand for this one. Changed the tone.

Bounced the light with a piece of white paper.

Bounced the light with a swiffer mop pad!!!! I bounced it off of the fridge. 
First let me apologize for using my dog in so many pictures. He is the only one that will let me take pictures of him!The flash is a great tool if you know how to use it. It is useful when you have no light at all. It is also great to use if you have a very bright background and you want to light the subject (fill light.)I find that bouncing the flash off of the ceiling or a wall is best indoors. It minimizes shadows and over exposed subjects. It also adds a soft light to portraits.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

White Balance

White balance is something that I struggle with. As you can see from the photos in the church my camera did not want to cooperate with me. It actually expected me to do the work! What I should have done was get a white piece of paper and take a picture of it to let the camera know what the color white was. In this case I didn't have enough time to think of that. I was asked to do a wedding at the last minute because the photographer broke their arm two days before their wedding. I am not a fan of doing weddings as it is way too much pressure. Once you screw it up, you can't get a do over! I did it anyway because the poor girl was in tears and had no one else to help her out. I get a little business on the side through word of mouth. I decided to use this as my white balance assignment. May as well kill two birds with one stone!

Unfortunately, I have to do a lot of post-processing due to my lack of quick thinking and the lack of knowing my camera.  That is why I am in this class. I I have an option on my camera that lets me adjust the white balance based on the light in the room however; it doesn't work well when the sun decides to pop in and out of the church. There is a setting for flash, daylight, shade, florescent lighting, indoor lighting, overcast days and there is also an auto white balance which is what I was using. Which wasn't working for me. There is also a custom white balance option; which was the one I was using in the church. When I was taking the photos outside I used a flash, but I also used the sunlight white balance option. I think they turned out halfway decent.